These Sneaks you can

:fire::fire:Hi, I'm Jimmy (student, 23) from the Netherlands, have these deep-fucked Asics for sale. Selling to other Dutch guys (shipping abroad probably too expensive?). Have several other fucked sneakers, Nike AF1's (46) and a really fucked up pair Bjorn Borg (43) and Timberland boots (43) that I have "borrowed" from a roommate πŸ’¦πŸ’¦


  • realy nice collection, would you swap of a couple of weeks

    • Hey man, thanks for the compliment. I would love to swap but my issue is that I'm short of money and therefore selling my items, so swapping wouldn't help much and only cost the shipping costs.... I'm more than happy to sell you one of my lovely well-worn pairs (I've got some other ones not shown on SneakerBase), I can give them a fresh load of sperm for you if you like... can send you pics of the sneakers I have at the moment (I live in a students house, sometimes I "borrow" well-worn sneakers of my housemates and add them to my collection, so I have quite some that I enjoy myself a lot as well)...