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  • The last of the "old-style" Predators. Many guys wore the indoor version for sports classes at school and I loved seeing them. I like that you included pictures of the inside of the cleats, where you can see the area where the toes would be. Hot pics 🔥

    • You're welcome ✌ the 2000-2010 period is generally my favourite, also heavily influenced by sports at school.... These adidas I got in 2008 for Lacrosse training at uni, however.

    • I agree that those were the best years for soccer gear!

    • i also miss that lots of people would wear indoor soccer shoes as regular shoes at the time... 😍 probably an effect of the 2006 world tournament, at least for germany 🤔

    • I remember that as well, at school a lot of guys wore the indoor version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor, Nike Shift/Supremacy and Puma Esito.