These Sneaks you can

Oh my god... these are the best sneakers I have ever owned. They are from my friend, a professional basketballer with feet size 50,5 !!! They smell soooo good and he is sooooooo fucking hot. If you buy these sneakers I can lead you to many pics and video's of him in action. I have added 1 pic where he is actually wearing them in a game (if you buy them you will get to know a lot more about this hunk). Almost daily I wear them for a while (they are too big for me but still I love wearing them, they turn me on) and when they are warm the sweat lovely smell comes out, it turns me on like hell and when I sniff them I almost come instantly. One of the lace-holes is ripped but this doesn't effect them and is easy to fix if you intend to wear them professionally. If you make me a really good offer they might become yours and you will be enjoying them soon, just make it good offer. Also got his sox....

NB: If you want me to give them a good fuck before sending them to you this is of course possible. they are so hot that it would just take me 1 minute ;)

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