Oh my god... these are the best sneakers I have ever owned. They are from my friend, a professional basketballer with feet size 50,5 !!! They smell soooo good and he is sooooooo fucking hot. If you buy these sneakers I can lead you to many pics and video's of him in action. I have added 1 pic where he is actually wearing them in a game (if you buy them you will get to know a lot more about this hunk). Almost daily I wear them for a while (they are too big for me but still I love wearing them, they turn me on) and when they are warm the sweat lovely smell comes out, it turns me on like hell and when I sniff them I almost come instantly. One of the lace-holes is ripped but this doesn't effect them and is easy to fix if you intend to wear them professionally. If you make me a really good offer they might become yours and you will be enjoying them soon, just make it good offer. Also got his sox....

NB: If you want me to give them a good fuck before sending them to you this is of course possible. they are so hot that it would just take me 1 minute ;)

:rainbowflag: :sneaker: :sneaker: :fire: :fire: <3 :rainbowflag: :sneaker: :sneaker:


  • Tering wat groot en geil! 🔥🔥😈

    • Ja, lekker he? Echt fucking lekkere sneakers van een super hete gast

  • Hot shoes, how did you get them? He give them to you with his socks?

    • It's a friend of mine and he was thowing them away, I was able to save them from the bin. The sox I have I managed to take from his dirty laundry bin...

  • Hey. Heb je pics dat hij ze draagt?

    • Hey man, Yes kijk maar op de 3e foto... als je de sneakers overneemt kan ik wel zeggen hoe hij heet, dan kan je m googlen... erg hot !!

    • ok dan... kijk hier:

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      en dan exact op minuut 4 en 5:50. Daar heeft hij ze aan. Maar hem niet contacten svp om te zeggen dat ik zijn sneakers doorverkoop, ik had ze "gewoon" als aandenken gekregen (en hij heeft geen idee waarvoor ik ze eigenlijk gebruik en dat ik ze nu doorverkoop omdat ik geld nodig heb)

    • En ???

    • jammer dat je niet meer reageert man

    • ????